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VCA has been a national Human Resources Development (HRD) provider and outsourced HR consultancy since 1996.

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To help you determine if your business is POPI compliant, we have created a free and quick questionnaire. It checks if you are compliant and if not, what you are missing in order to be compliant.

We can assist with all your POPI compliance needs!

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Who we are

VCA has been a national Legislative Compliance Partner and outsourced HR consultancy since 1996.

Our track record gives us valuable insight into the Human Resources needs and trends of in the South African market. As well as the Acts and regulations that are constantly changing.

At VCA, we have an amazing family-like culture. Employees and Employers bond together and feel at home when they are at the office or around each other.

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We are specialists in the Legislative Compliance field. We continue to advance and improve the services we offer to match the growing demand within the HR industry. 

VCA is a holistic, Legislative Compliance Partner, that offers all the solutions you need.
VCA is constantly one step ahead of pending labour policy amendments.
All VCA staff are dedicated, lifelong learners.
We build long-lasting client relationships that assist us in understanding a client’s individual needs within their industry – this helps us perfect the service we offer our clients.
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