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VCA has been a national Human Resources Development (HRD) provider and outsourced HR consultancy since 1996.

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B-BBEE consulting

Broad - Based Black Economic Empowerment

Allow us to demystify the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment policy and advise on how you can become BEE compliant.
We will consult with you and advise you on the topic and prepare you for your B-BBEE certification.
VCA also works closely with a few very carefully selected verification agencies which we can refer you to, to make the verification process smooth and painless.

VCA is able to assist with:

  • B-BBEE Consulting: Consulting on your current level of Ownership, Management Control, Skills Development, Socio Economic Enterprise and Supplier Development. Advising on different strategies to ensure you receive the maximum points possible.
  • B-BBEE Verification & File: We assist with the preparation of a B-BBEE file containing all documentation needed for verification and check these documents to ensure compliance. We can also source your supplier’s B-BBEE certificateficates for the Enterprise and Supplier Development.
  • B-BBEE Compliance: Our consultants further assist your organisation with a B-BBEE Affidavit and Confirmation Certificate, as well as Non-Compliance Certificate

Let VCA help you with your B-BBEE Rating

  • BEE consultants will assist with the preparation of your file prior to verification, to ensure that obtaining a B-BBEE rating is painless and easy.
  • We shall assist you with understanding your current strategy in light of B-BBEE status requirements.
  • We will assist you with understanding where you are and where you would like to be, as a company, and how you need to get there in terms of obtaining a desirable B-BBEE Scorecard

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Scorecard: Turnover above R50 million

Generic Scorecard


  1. Ownership = 25 points
  2. Management Control = 19 points
  3. Skills Development = 25 points
  4. Enterprise and Supplier Development = 44 points
  5. Socio-Economic Delelopment = 5 points


B-BBEE Status Qualification Procurement Level
Level 1 > 100 points 135%
Level 2 >95 but <100 pts 125%
Level 3 >90 but <95 pts 110%
Level 4 >80 but <90 pts 100%
Level 5 >75 but <80 pts 80%
Level 6 >70 but <75 pts 60%
Level 7 >55 but <70 pts 50%
Level 8 >40 but <55 pts 10%
Non-Compliant >40 points 0%

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Scorecard: Turnover between R10 million and R50 million

QSE Scorecard


  1. Ownership = 25 points
  2. Management Control = 15 points
  3. Skills Development = 30 points
  4. Enterprise and Supplier Development = 33 points
  5. Socio-Economic Development = 5 points

Our cost breakdown is as follows:

B – BBEE Verification preparation – R7 290 excl vat

B – BBEE QSE Strategy – 12-month retainer – R3 240 p/m

B – BBEE Generic Strategy – 12-month retainer – R3 780 p/m

B – BBEE Gap Reports – R2 160 excl vat

B – BBEE Non – Compliance certificate – R6 500 excl vat

B-BBEE Affidavit – R 410.00 excl vat

Interested in B-BBEE consulting?

We are excited to work with you!