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VCA has been a national Human Resources Development (HRD) provider and outsourced HR consultancy since 1996.

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Mentoring & coaching

VCA is an organisation who believes mentorship and coaching is the only way to develop most things.

VCA is an organisation who believes mentorship and coaching is the only way to develop most things. From an individual, to a group, a department, an organisation, even a country! Not only do we have an accredited Mentorship programme, we also have a department which focuses on this very niche service offering.

The areas we concentrate on include the following:

SMME Mentoring – we work with GIBS in Johannesburg in their ED department to mentor entrepreneurs. We partner with them and see them through every hurdle and over every obstacle. From HR and staffing issues, to business systems and finance advice. How to access funding, and who to partner with or market to. We also work with Shanduka Black Umbrellas, assisting entrepreneurs in achieving their goals, assessing their business plans, and challenging their limits.

Not only do we work with groups, and through organisations, but Hayley works with individuals too. She is a mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation and mentors businesswomen across the world.

She utilises whatever technology is at her disposal to connect with her mentees and actively engages them all.

Sometimes, as a business owner, all one needs is an ear to listen, someone to run ideas past, and somebody to hold us accountable. The beauty in mentorship is that it focuses on all areas of a person. Not just work in isolation but all spheres that make us human! It is time to let go of your fear!

Corporate coaching – coaching is a skill that looks specifically at achieving end goals. Should you have recently been promoted, should your organisation be looking at promoting you, should you have life goals in mind, a corporate coach will assist you with being realistic but at the same time motivating you to get there, breaking it into bite size chunks for you. That mountain will soon be a molehill again.

Group coaching – often in business, team dynamics are overlooked and the bottom line is the sole focus. Allow us to shift this for you, through working with your staff, and your management, and coaching the team to its full potential.

We look at:

– Performance optimisation
– Career advancement
– Leadership development
– Relationship building
– Dealing with change
– Effectiveness
– Team dynamics

Corporate Strategy Service

Corporate Strategy involves a portfolio approach to strategic decision -making by looking at a firm’s business to determine the most value.

We provide assistance with corporate/business unit strategy development. We have developed a structured services which can be tailored according to each client’s specific needs.

An interactive and participatory “think tank” session with key staff to gain an in-depth analysis of the core activities of the business.

A series of consultations to break the business down into various components to formulate the structure for the plan Developing a comprehensive Strategy Plan mapping out the future strategy.

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