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VCA has been a national Human Resources Development (HRD) provider and outsourced HR consultancy since 1996.

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A Reputation Built On Service Excellence

Legislative Compliance Partner since 1996

VCA has been a national legislative compliance partner and outsourced HR consultancy since 1996. We specialise within the HRD field and continue to advance and improve our services to match the growing demand. Our track record gives us insight into the HR needs and trends of the South African market and the ever-changing Acts and regulations.

The history of VCA

VCA was founded in 1996, by Veld Cooper. He had been employed by Anglo American previously, in the Gold and Uranium Division, as their Financial Manager. Veld was very involved with their mentorship programmes, and as this was a time when our country was knee deep in transformation, he saw this as the ideal time to birth his vision, a company that could help bring real transformation into SMMEs in South Africa. And VCA was born.

Gwen Cooper, his wife at the time, assisted him every step of the way in those early days. They worked out of their spare room in their home in Benoni, servicing clients nationally in the form of consulting around areas of Affirmative Action.

B-BBEE and Women Equity Credentials

Driven by a team of highly experienced and passionate professionals with over 30 years in the HRD arena, VCA is an empowered organisation with one female director. We believe that the real secret to our success is our staff. So, as an equal opportunity employer, we strive to employ not only the right candidate every time, but also one which reflects South Africa’s demographics. We are fully committed to the Skills Development and Employment Equity Acts and are continuously training and developing each member of our team.

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VCA is a holistic, Legislative Compliance Partner, that offers all the solutions you need.
VCA is constantly one step ahead of pending labour policy amendments.
All VCA staff are dedicated, lifelong learners.
We build long-lasting client relationships that assist us in understanding a client’s individual needs within their industry – this helps us perfect the service we offer our clients.
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