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Health & safety services

We provide a service to companies who require implementation, assistance and/or maintenance of SHE (Safety, Health & Environmental) systems.

We provide a service to companies who require implementation, assistance and/or maintenance of SHE (Safety, Health & Environmental) systems. By implementation and legal compliance, we can improve your company performance, enhance your company image, and also eliminate the risk of legal non-compliance.

We can assist with Annual Risk Assessments of your business, as well as offering your organisation a Health, Safety Agent, Consultancy and Environmental Monitoring Service which we are confident will assist you as a business to comply with all SHE Legislation. Our aim is to see maintained compliance on every project by adding value to current SHE systems, empowering all role players and creating a Healthy & Safe Environment

We can also assist with the following:

  • Conduct Risk Assessments and implement control measures
  • Determine training requirements and developing training plans
  • Develop and implement safety procedures including the training of employees on SHE practices
  • Ensuring record systems are effectively maintained at site level in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards
  • Ensuring records systems are maintained at Site in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards
  • Ensuring the organisation is aware of and complies with, all legislation in relation to the use of its plant, equipment and substances, as well as in all workplace activities
  • Facilitating the implementation of standards according to the requirements of the OSH Act guidelines and ISO standards
  • Promote occupational health and safety within the organisation and encourage safer and healthier working practices
  • Updating and maintaining safety policies and procedures at Site level

Courses available & fees

  • First Aid Level 1 – 2 days
  • First Aid Level 2 – 3 days
  • First Aid Level 3 – 5 days
  • General Health and Safety Awareness – 1 day
  • Evacuation Procedure Course – 1 day
  • HIV/AIDS Workshop – 1 day
  • Health and Safety Representative – 1 day
  • Confined Spaces/Vessel Entry – Normal – 1 day
  • Confined Spaces/Vessel Entry – Novice – 2 days
  • Fire Fighting Awareness – ½ day
  • Basic Fire Fighting – 1 day
  • Fire Fighting Advanced – 2 days
  • Health and Safety for Supervisors / Managers – 1 day
  • Accident / Incident Investigation – 1 day
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) – 1 day
  • Dangerous Goods Awareness for Drivers – 1 day
  • Safe Stacking and Storage – 1 day

FEES: Please contact Renetia at email: renetia@veldcooper.com or on 011 425 3575 for pricing.

Health And Safety Audits

An initial site visit to the company will be charged : Johannesburg and Pretoria clients at R3000.00 Excl VAT

This site visit will enable us to prepare a report for the company detailing the following:

  • Results and recommendations based on the outcome of a basic HIRA assessment (Hazard Identification and risk Assessment)
  • Recommendations for the development and implementation of a safety file where required
  • Minimum requirements for OHS compliance
  • Minimum training requirements for OHS compliance
  • Fire safety and first aid compliance requirements
  • Evacuation procedures and plans – requirements
  • Legal appointments

Thereafter we will be in a position to quote the company on the following:

  • Cost and scope of training required
  • Cost and scope of implementing evacuation policies and procedures
  • Drafting requirements for health and safety and other policies
  • Assistance with achieving compliance in areas where the client cannot easily do so themselves
  • Whatever else is required in order to achieve compliance based on the HIRA and site visit outcomes

Depending on the scope and size of the company we will be able to arrange monthly site visits should these be required.

These will be priced according to the size and needs of the business.

Monthly site visits will include, but will not be limited to:

  • Compliance audit in accordance with our initial assessment
  • Inspection of fire, first aid and safety equipment
  • Updating safety files
  • OHS training needs analysis based on staff turnover
  • Review of incident investigations and reports with recommendations.

The cost for Johannesburg clients will be R8 850.00 Excl VAT. All of the above will take place plus the following :

  • Safety File
  • Legal Appointments
  • Relevant Policies
  • Major risk identification
  • Compliance gap report and recommendations
  • First Aid Incident Report Template
  • Portable Fire Equipment Inspection Register
  • SHE Rep – Generic Inspection Checklist
  • One follow up visit within 2 months of initial findings Report


  • HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment)
  • Evacuation Plans
  • Implementation

The cost for monthly site visits can be arranged on request.

Health and Safety legal compliance training courses are available.

Why you should take a First Aid Course

Would you know how to assist someone in your home, workplace or community if an accident were to happen? No? Then why not take a first aid course to teach you how to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, or to promote recovery by giving someone immediate assistance when they are suffering from either a minor or serious illness or injury.

It has been legislated that an organisation should have at least one First Aider appointed for every 1:100 employees in shops or offices, or one First Aider appointed for every 1:50 employees in all other industries.

First Aid Level One (Two-day course) is the most basic form of training and allows successful delegates to give patients initial assistance until professional medical assistance arrives on scene.

After completion of Level One, delegates can train on the intermediate, First Aid Level Two (Three-day course). This provides delegates with a more extensive knowledge of emergency first aid. 

A more advanced course is First Aid Level Three (Five-day course). This is the highest level that can be reached. If your organisation offers hazardous occupations, it is suggested you work your way up to attend training on First Aid Level Three.

A five-day course is also available for delegates who want to be compliant in Level one, two and three, but, how do you know which course you should attend? Add your details below and a consultant will be in touch with you to assist.

Health and Safety Reps in the workplace

According to Act 17 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, an employer who employs more that 20 employees on a premises needs to appoint a SHE Rep within the ratio of 1 SHE Rep to every 100 employees or part thereof for shops and offices and 1 SHE Rep to every 50 employees or part thereof for all other organisations.

As the appointment of a SHE Rep is a legal requirement, representatives need to be designated in writing for a specific period of time. During this period, the appointed SHE Rep will assist with communication between employers and employees to ensure that any hazards identified can be eliminated as quickly as possible to ensure a safe and hazard free working environment.

Health and Safety Representative have the right to:

  • Arrange and attend meetings with their safety committees.
  • Investigating the causes of accidents and keep notes.
  • Investigate potential and actual hazards and dangerous occurrences.
  • Be in consultation with the employer about issues relating to health and safety in the workplace.
  • Investigate colleagues’ complaints.
  • Present colleagues’ concerns to management.
  • Carry out workplace inspections.
  • Time off with pay as is necessary to carry out those functions and reasonable facilities and assistance.
  • Paid time off for training if the training is ‘necessary’ and ‘reasonable’ and has been approved by management.
  • Receive information relevant to any matter that might impact upon health, safety and welfare of the people the safety rep represents.
  • Inspecting documents relevant to safety in the workplace.

Becoming an appointed Fire Fighter

In our everyday lives we face many risks that may go unnoticed and cause an accidental fire that threatens lives and property. By successfully completing a firefighting course, you will be able to identify risks and possibly assist to prevent accidental fires from occurring.

Successful candidates will be trained to identify the different types of potential fire hazards, and in the event of an actual fire, to select the appropriate type of fire extinguisher to successfully extinguish a fire.

Firefighters will also be trained to check equipment and report on findings of equipment. The accreditation lasts two years and the firefighting course is done in one day. Upon successful completion of the course, delegates will have all essential knowledge needed enabling delegates to operate fire equipment.

Delegates will also have basic understanding of evacuation procedures and the importance of an emergency evacuation plan. Delegates will therefore be able to conduct inductions on evacuation procedures and participate in annual evacuation drills.

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