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Lianne Byrne

The Productivity Mentor

Personal Summary

I help busy women stop ???? burning out ???? through my Reclaim Your Life productivity + burnout programme, which reduces stress, overwhelm and procrastination within 1 month.

Using specific technology, productivity and planning tools I help my clients create systems and automation for greater efficiency and illuminate what is possible in the world of online business.

My ultimate aim is to help free up their time, reduce stress & anxiety so they find real balance, reclaim their lives and purposefully go after their goals.

A little background of Lianne.
I’m a mom of three and 4 years ago I had just delivered my daughter and in the next breath I was swiftly retrenched while I was on maternity leave. I was the main breadwinner.

It was one of the most stressful times of my life.

What followed was postpartum depression, being diagnosed with Adult ADHD (after my son was diagnosed) and trying to get my freelance marketing and branding services off the ground.

Then the pandemic arrived. In the chaos of everything shutting down, plus the uncertainty and the fear, I shut down and reached the end of my rope.

I lacked any direction, already had prior poor work-life balance issues and was trying too hard to do it all myself. I lacked structure and procrastinated like crazy.

I was a burnt-out mom of 3 who had to face a few uncomfortable truths.

I knew something had to change.

With the help of a coach and my therapist, I worked through my own productivity and confidence issues. I also worked to uncover parts of me that I had long hidden in fear of not being good enough. Imposter syndrome seemed to still lurk in the shadows, causing me to question my ability and killed my confidence.

Yet I went back to my passionate love of psychology and personal development. I vociferously studied and researched various ways of working and mental health topics.

I saw the obvious role of capitalism in productivity, which I could no longer ignore. It’s the reason so many of us are burnt out.

I learnt to start taking better care of my health and making time for exercise. I knew exactly what I was meant to be doing, I just needed the courage to do it.

I started to create systems that worked to alleviate uncertainty and made my work and family life easier.

I started setting (and achieving) goals!

I learnt some valuable lessons as a woman, mom, partner, coach and as an entrepreneur.

I now work with my clients to work through their own productivity issues & burnout symptoms and share the valuable lessons I learnt.

I post blogs, create training workshops, run a podcast and hold a safe space for my clients.

The framework I’ve developed from my own experience now helps my clients get to the other side of burnout with their sanity intact.

If you are looking to discuss what you’re currently experiencing regarding your own challenges around your productivity or you’re just totally exhausted and need a safe space to land, then maybe we should talk.