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Peter Ross

BEE Consultant


Peter is a registered Chartered Accountant CA(SA) and B-BBEE expert. He is highly regarded within the business community and is known for high level strategy formulation and BBBEE consulting, transformation planning and implementation.

He is skilled in building relationships with companies and communicating with them how they can optimise their BEE compliance in a meaningful way. As an experienced Chartered Accountant Peter has the ability and knowledge needed to communicate effectively with business owners, directors and managers at all levels and discuss how important and beneficial BEE compliance and transformation is to their business.

Peter is also passionate about helping non-profit organisations as they play such an important role in the fabric of South Africa society.  Guiding and advising them to align their service offerings to access BEE benefits contributes to them becoming more sustainable and maintain their ability to truly make a difference in the future.

He has held positions at various institutions including:

  • Board Member and Honorary Treasurer of the Cape Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Board member of the Association of BEE Professionals (ABP)
  • One of the founding members of the National Association of BEE Consultants (NABC)

His contact details are:

Tel: (011) 425-3575

Email: consulting@veldcooper.com 

Website: www.veldcooper.com