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Veld Cooper

Why do you need a Coach or Mentor in the Start-Up Stages of your Business?

The answer may be that you don’t. In my early days as a business owner, I didn’t. do I wish I had? Absolutely. Why? Because the amount I have paid in school fees as a result is staggering. I have had to learn everything I know by bumping my head. Over and over again. Why? Because consultants are expensive! I cant afford to pay somebody that kind of money!

But the truth is, that even two sessions with a coach who owns their own business, or who specialises in this, is absolutely invaluable.

We all think that our business are unique. Nobody else has a business quite like ours. Our issues are different. Our needs are unlike anybody else’s. Guess what? The business that sells diamonds and the business that services cars has EXACTLY the same intrinsic needs. The business that sells vetkoeks on the corner and the butchery, have the same deliverables in terms of tax, in terms of legislation, in terms of staff.

Find a coach that resonates with you. Somebody who gets your personality, and that you feel that you click with. Don’t waste time on Google. Use a search engine like Bark, or ask your friends for referrals. Remember that a coach is not a one size fits all. There are different coaches for different things. Weight loss specialists, business coaches, relationship coaches, financial coaches. Explore their rates. Talk to them about outputs and deliverables, and get going.

Do not wait to learn these lessons yourself, they will put you back years. Do not listen to your neighbours, best friends or lovers. Get a professional and get a plan.